Purchaser's Guide

The Harkov Lewis Team at Brown Harris Stevens is one of the top-producing and most well respected teams at the firm, in the industry, and in the nation. Led by power brokers Ari Harkov and Warner Lewis, the team is consistently ranked in the top 250 Teams in the US by the Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends.

Team Accolades

Top 250 Teams in the USA
2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

​​​​​​​America’s Best Real Estate Agents
2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

#1 Team Companywide 2020

Top 1%
2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Most Closed Sales Deals for all of NY
2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Team of the Year for the Village Office
​​​​​​​2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver premier service and results, exceed  expectations, and develop lifelong client relationships built upon honesty, integrity, trust, and mutual respect.

ARI HARKOV Ari has developed a strong and enviable reputation in the real estate industry. As a result of his hard work and dedication at Brown Harris Stevens, Ari became one of the fastest rising agents ever seen at the company. Ari offers his clients a rare degree of negotiation skills, market knowledge, customer service, and sophisticated pricing and valuation expertise.

WARNER LEWIS Warner has received numerous awards and recognition for his achievements throughout his career in real estate and has become a fixture in Brown Harris Stevens’s prestigious Gold Circle and Producer’s Councils. A native of New York City, Warner is intimately familiar with the intricacies of the Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate landscape and brings extensive expertise, customer service, and market knowledge to his clientele.

ANN YANOVSKY As an experienced Listing Partner and Buyer Specialist, Annie Yanovsky understands that lifestyle is two words: life and style. A New Yorker since the 1980s, Annie’s background in event planning, floral design, travel and parenting
along with her intimate knowledge of the benefits of each of New York City's neighborhoods helps her to understand her clients needs and, in turn, deliver the results they deserve.

MARC SCHAEFFER Buyer Specialist Marc Schaeffer values customer service above all else. Negotiation skills, market savvy and expertise, and access to top tier technology and the best partners in the business are all essential, but ensuring his clients’ happiness is number one for Marc. Marc has 10 years of sales experience and 6 years as a licensed real estate agent working with clients ranging from first time buyers to high net worth individuals.

JACK ISQUITH Combining emotional intelligence, data-driven analytical ability, and tenacious negotiating skills, Jack Isquith has quickly risen to become one of the premier real estate agents in all of New York City. Jack came to the industry in 2017 and was honored as a “Strategic Star” (Halstead Real Estate) in his first year with the company. In 2019 he joined The Harkov Lewis Team. This year Jack rose to the top of his field, garnering a coveted “Best of Zillow” designation for outstanding customer service and agent performance.

KERRIE LYNCH Approaching every interaction with honesty and integrity, Kerrie builds relationships with her clients that far outlast any individual transaction. Having purchased and renovated her own townhouse, she understands first hand how stressful buying, selling, and renovating a home can be. Bringing an unusual degree of knowledge and expertise to her clientele, her number one goal is to make the entire process as efficient and stress free as possible. Kerrie is a member of Halstead’s Emerald Club, which includes agents who have sold a property between $6-$10 million dollars.

CHRISTIE LARUSSO Christie applies her insider expertise as a former broker/operator at a development and resale firm to benefit her clientele of developers, sellers, and buyers alike. Having brokered over 200 transactions and brought 11 boutique developments to market, Christie brings a comprehensive knowledge of the market, new development, marketing strategies, and creative deal structuring for both sides of the table. Her true insight, though, comes from an innate understanding of her clients and their needs.

CHRISTIAN EMANUEL GEORGE Christian is a Licensed Salesperson and an eight-year veteran of real estate sales. He is passionate about architectural history and the ways in which the city’s development over time affects how we build, buy, sell, and live today. From building technology and zoning to social and political history, and from architectural styles to neighborhood identity, Christian has a unique and robust knowledge of New York’s built environment.

ANA JUDSON Ana started her career in New York in public relations with the Global Consulting Group, working to promote companies such as Oi Brazil, NYSE and Banco Itau, who she later worked for directly under the President. Giving her a unique understanding that unrealized value of a space that can be made right by simple changes or identifying special differences in a location, have proven to be her calling card.

DANIEL THOMPSON Daniel is a lifelong Brooklyn resident who has seen firsthand the evolution of real estate throughout the borough and NYC as a whole. With 7 years of experience as a Realtor, Daniel has assisted in sales spanning from coops and condos to single-family and multifamily properties throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Daniel is adept at analyzing his clients needs and goals to see where they fit in the current market, negotiating terms, and successfully managing the numerous parties and aspects involved in a transaction.

DOUGLAS SCHUBERT With a positive mindset, Douglas Schubert is continually pushing himself to explore new paths to achievement. Having sourced, negotiated, and closed a wide array of real estate transactions from starter apartments, commercial storefronts, to mixeduse building sales, he possesses an unparalleled level of results-oriented deal making ability. From leasing to sales to property management, there isn’t a facet of the real estate business he hasn’t covered.

KIMBERLY GACEM Kimberly Gacem is the Director of Operations for the Harkov Lewis Team. A seasoned project coordinator, manager, and creative consultant with over 15 years of experience in a variety of fields including branding, leadership training, restaurant management, and banking, Kim manages the team’s support staff and oversees the team’s
operations. Kim brings a unique blend of client-focused detail, organization, and creative solutions to the Harkov Lewis Team’s clients.

EMILY TICE As the Marketing and Administrative Coordinator for the Harkov Lewis Team, Emily brings 10+ years of customer service and business management experience to the team. Emily oversees condo and coop board packages and agent support for the team in addition to heading up all marketing. Her customer service background, organizational skills, and passion for quality result in exceptional experiences for the team’s clients.

ANDY CAMACHO Andy Camacho is an Administrative Assistant with the Harkov Lewis Team. As an integral member of the team’s operations staff, Andy is responsible for scheduling, logistics, research, agent support, and more. Andy’s positive and upbeat attitude, calm demeanor, and open mind shine through his internal and client-facing interactions on a daily basis. He is a deft multi tasker, offers exceptional attention to detail, and displays an unparalleled work ethic. Andy is a resident of Williamsburg and he is currently going to school to obtain a degree in economics.

Why Work With The Harkov Lewis Team





Why Work With A Buyer's Agent

COMMISSIONS | Commissions are paid by sellers, not you, the buyer, in NYC and split 50/50 between the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent. On a “direct” deal where the buyer is unrepresented, the commission will sometimes be reduced by 1%, 2% at the maximum. As experienced buyer specialists, we are confident we can easily negotiate 1-2% better than you could on your own given our extensive experience, skill set, and expertise.

REPRESENTATION | If you go directly to the selling agent you are un-represented—the seller’s agent represents the seller’s interests. In the largest and most important purchase you have likely ever made, it is crucial to have representation and an advocate working for you.

LEARNING | We are still learning after doing hundreds of deals over many years. At most you’ll purchase or sell property once every 5-7 years over the course of your adult life. Let us put our years of experience and earned knowledge to work for you.

TIME SAVED | As experienced buyer specialists, we can save you a tremendous amount of time searching for and identifying suitable properties, arranging showings, conducting research, coordinating the process, managing communications with your attorney, lender, the managing agent, and seller’s agent, putting together the coop or condo application, and more. Spend time on your own career or enjoying life and let us provide this concierge service for you.

REPUTATION | Our business is based upon word of mouth and referrals - our reputation is paramount. This is a career for us and we pride ourselves on not being “typical” brokers. Our agents are highly educated, specialized, experienced, and dedicated. Take a look at our Mission Statement and Core Values to learn more.
PROFESSIONALS | You use an accountant to handle your taxes, a doctor to diagnose your ailments, and an attorney to manage your legal challenges. Why should real estate be any different?

COMPETITIVE EDGE | In a market as competitive as NYC, having the right broker on your side who can help you structure and present your offer in the best possible light can be the difference between winning and losing out on your dream home.

QUARTERBACK OF YOUR TEAM | We think of ourselves as quarterbacks, helping you put together and manage your real estate team (attorney, mortgage banker, contractor, etc.), bringing everyone to the finish line - the closing.

​​​​​​​STEER CLEAR OF BAD DEALS | We have lost track of the number of times we’ve met with a seller who made a bad purchase because they were either not advised or improperly advised and we have to help them unwind this poorly performing investment. We regularly advise our clients not to do deals that we do not believe are in their best interest.


Our internal database captures all listings in the RLS (shared listing system between Real Estate Board of New York firms) as well as those on Streeteasy.com, and is the most comprehensive property database for NYC.

We also have access to coming soon, future, and off market listings that have been entered into the system by other brokers but have not yet hit the public market.

We will set up searches for you where we’ll get updates multiple times a day with new listings and price changes within your search parameters immediately once they hit our system and often before they’ve hit the web.



The ownership of a condominium apartment is similar to the ownership of real property. A purchaser of a condo takes title by deed for not only the apartment but also a percentage of the building’s common areas. Each owner pays property taxes to the city and common charges to the Board of Managers for their individual units. Real estate taxes may be deductible, however common charges are not.

The Board of Managers is elected by the condo residents to oversee building operations and enforcement of the “house rules.” The board uses the common charges to pay employees, as well as repair and improve the building.

Condominium transactions include a “right of first refusal” by the Board within 20-30 days from receipt of a completed application.



Cooperatives, or co-ops, comprise a significant portion of New York City’s real estate market. When purchasing a cooperative apartment, one purchases shares of stock in a corporation that owns the building and usually the land beneath.

A stock certificate representing the purchased shares and a proprietary lease giving the right to occupy the apartment are conveyed at closing. The size of the apartment and its amenities determine the number of allocated shares, which therefore determines the amount of maintenance. Maintenance fees cover the operating costs of the building such as upkeep of common areas, staff salaries, as well as payment of real estate taxes and interest on any underlying building mortgage.

A Board of Directors, whose duties are to conduct the business of the corporation and oversee the management company of the building, is elected from among the shareholders. Typically, the Board or an interview committee reviews the application of each prospective shareholder or lessee and presides over a personal interview prior to approving any purchase or lease. The Board has the right to approve or deny any applicant without cause.

Most co-ops require shareholders to occupy their apartments as primary residences; however, depending on the building, there may be an allowance for subletting. A prospective lessor is required to submit a formal application and personally interview with the Board for its approval. Duration varies from building to building, so be sure to ask your agent to confirm.



By definition, a cond-op is a residential cooperative where the ground floor (typically commercial units) is converted into a separate condominium owned by either an outside investor or the original Sponsor of the building.

Because the owner of the condo is not the owner of the co-op, the co-op does not receive the benefit from the condo income. Cooperatives that operate in the style of a Condominium are commonly yet inaccurately referred to as cond-ops.



A purchaser of a townhouse or house receives “fee simple” ownership of real property. The owner is responsible for payment of real estate taxes and common charges such as but not limited to water, electric, gas, as well as insurance. The owner is also solely responsible for approving the sale or lease of the property.

When owning your home, all equipment, repairs and upkeep such as roof, heating/cooling, windows, outdoor structures, hot water, electrical systems, video monitor and anti-theft systems are maintained by the homeowner, unless a property manager is hired. In addition to single family townhomes, some properties are designated as multi-dwelling (i.e., 2-4 family) homes. Check with your attorney about the possibility of increasing or decreasing such designations.

Keep in mind that homes which are larger than 4-family are considered a commercial purchase.








If you intend to finance some of your purchase, obtaining a pre-approval letter early on in the process is imperative for the following reasons:

  1. If there are any issues, concerns, or surprises with regard to credit or any other itemsyou can clear these up right away.
  2. You’ll need to confirm the amount of financing you are able to obtain to verify yourbudget so you don’t invest valuable time and energy and/or fall in love with a property you can’t afford.
  3. The NYC market moves extremely quickly and if you wait to obtain a pre-approvaluntil you’ve found a property you want to bid on you may lose the property while waiting for your letter.
  4. Sellers will not take an offer seriously without a pre-approval letter.

Please let us know if you’d like recommendations for mortgage bankers / brokers.


To purchase a property in NYC you’ll need a NYC-based real estate attorney who specializes in handling residential transactions.

Out of town attorneys, non-real estate attorneys, and those who typically handle other types of property transactions, often miss important details, misinterpret standard practices, cause unnecessary delays, and do not have the experience to handle the particular issues that can and often arise in the purchase of residential property in New York City.

NYC residential real estate attorneys typically charge a flat fee ranging from $3,000 $5,000 per transaction depending on the size and complexity of the transaction.

Please let us know if you’d like recommendations for a real estate attorney.


  1. Obtain pre-approval letter if financing or proof of funds statement if paying cash.
  2. Determine search parameters – location, budget, size, property type(s), etc. & set up search with email feed.
  3. Initial listings review.
  4. Sunday open houses & weekday appointments.
  5. Identify property of interest, run valuation, review building, and prepare offer with supporting docs.
  6. Negotiate offer and come to terms.
  7. Seller’s agent will draft deal sheet with all transaction details and transmit to attorneys.
  8. Contract review / due diligence / inspection – typically 1-2 weeks.
  9. Contract signing & deposit submission (typically 10% of purchase price.)
  10. Board package preparation and submission if purchasing in a condo or co-op.
  11. Board interview if purchasing in a co-op.
  12. Approval!
  13. Bank clear to close, if financing.
  14. Attorneys schedule closing.
  15. Final walk-through.
  16. CLOSING!



  1. Phone Charger.
  2. Tape Measure (if you want)


  1. Make sure faceplates are installed properly.
  2. Ensure light fixtures are installed and inworking condition.


  1. Turn on dishwasher.
  2. Turn on oven.
  3. Turn on every burner on the stove.
  4. Check vent and lights.
  5. Test microwave.
  6. Check each cabinet ensuring hinges/drawers are operable.
  7. Run water in sink till hot.
  8. Test garbage disposal.
  9. Run washer/dryer


  1. Run water from all faucets to test for heating time, water pressure and any leaking under cabinets or around caulking.
  2. Flush all toilets.
  3. Check all tiles for breaks and cracks4. Check caulking everywhere to make sure it is neat and clean


      1. Test all a/c units and heating units and/ or test the HVAC system by turning the thermostat to high for heat and low to cool.
      2. Tape Measure (if you want)


      1. Check floors are even and properly installed and finished with no stains, marks, or loose boards.
      2. Check walls for even paint ensuring there are no dents, scratches, discoloration or signs of water damage.


      1. Ensure doorbell, intercom and alarm systems are functioning properly.
      2. Check that there is a smoke detector.
      3. Check that windows open and close easily and are sealed properly.
      4. Open and close all doors making sure they don’t stick or scrape the floor. tiles for breaks and cracks4. Check caulking everywhere to make sure it is neat and clean

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          Contractors & Architects


          Trust & Estate attorneys for wills

          Life & disability insurance brokers

          From Our Buyers

          "Everyday I have to pinch myself to see if our new home is real."

          "All in all, Ari and his team made what is often a difficult, anxiety ridden process that much easier to manage."

          "We would use the team again and recommend them to our family and friends."

           "Professional, knowledgeable, supportive, responsive top tier support from a top tier team."

          "I thank you for making this experience, which could have been very stressful, a great one."

          "Ari and his team were extraordinarily professional and responsive; they walked us through every phase of the process."

          The process was easy thanks to their efforts and we couldn't be happier with the results.

           "They have earned my biz for life."

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