"My husband and I bought our first apt in Brookyln, NY with Jack’s help. As first time buyers, we were clueless in a lot of ways and we were also scared by the uncertainty in the market but with the help of Jack’s expertise and patient handholding through every step of the way, we were able to find and buy our dream home (with parking!). Jack’s negotiation skills got us our home and our parking at a price we were VERY happy with. I can’t say enough good things about Jack. I know that anyone who works with him will find that he is a gem :)"

Heather J. | BUYER

"Jack and I met through mutual friends a few years ago when he was seeking assistance with his social media and web presence. I’m a copywriter and freelance marketer, and as someone who also deals in a client-based business, I trust you’re all too aware that not all clients are a delight. But Jack was truly such a joy to work with as a client that we didn’t even give it a second thought as to who we wanted by our side when we needed a realtor. I warned him that what we wanted was not at all glamorous nor what he was used to working with. We didn’t want a luxury condo; we wanted a “grandma house” somewhere off the L train in Brooklyn. And we needed to close before March, which was in about 75 days. Fun. But, of course, he nailed it. How many people in NYC can say they got 3 bedrooms, 3 floors, 2 parking spaces, and a yard (just two blocks from the subway) for less than $900K?! Throughout the process, Jack deftly handled the sellers’ comically curt and cantankerous lawyers and realtors and referred us to a wonderful lawyer of our own, who was so pleasant to deal with that we look forward to using him again. Jack also warned us many times that real estate hiccups were inevitable but not impossible, which assuaged a lot of our fears of this not working out. He was both grounded and optimistic, while also not the least bit patronizing or pushy. We truly needed that attitude on this absolutely bonkers journey. We can’t wait to recommend him to friends. "

Megan E. | BUYER

"Christie was an absolute pleasure to work with, cannot recommend her more highly (and have to friends already). Loving the new apartment and have your team to thank for it! "

Cody L. | BUYER

"Ari helped us navigate a very tricky time for sellers in the NYC real estate market. Ari set realistic expectations for us which we appreciated and he guided us through the entire process. He and his team were great to work with - they were all very responsive and professional. Even with a new baby, Ari never missed a beat. We would recommend Ari to anyone looking to buy or sell a home and given the opportunity, we would gladly work with him again."

Sylvia L. | SELLER

"Jack helped me purchase my home and I highly recommend working with him. He was good at guiding me through the process - responsive without being too sales-y. I genuinely appreciated his willingness to roll up his sleeves and really get into the details but also help me walk through bigger decisions as well. He was incredibly patient throughout - something I greatly appreciated. Thanks!"


"Ari and his associate did a fabulous job marketing and selling our 1-family house in Park Slope. My wife was especially delighted with the video they took and the brochure they provided. They were very professional in their approach, and responsive to our wishes. But first and foremost, they are very nice people. We would recommend them to anyone that wants to sell their home. It has been a pleasure working with them."

Markus F. | SELLER

"Our agent Ari Harkov was a pleasure to partner with and we are very appreciative of his straightforwardness, no-pressure guidance and industry expertise. With the challenges of the pandemic, Ari provided a realistic assessment of the market and presented options. We valued his calm and professional demeanor, his accountability and accessibility, and his team’s performance to seamlessly navigate behind the scenes. From our perspective, Ari’s team handled everything exceptionally well and ensured a smooth experience for us from beginning to end. We highly recommend Ari and given the opportunity, we would gladly partner with him again."


"Knowledgeable, diligent, thoughtful and thorough. And a pleasant person to deal with, which always means a lot. Christie was great. I had multiple offers at or above asking and she expertly navigated the process on my behalf."


"Jack found found the perfect home for my family and made the process of buying for the first time a breeze. From search to close Jack was a stellar partner and team member who went above and beyond. I'm busier-than-average NYC professional. Going into the search I knew exactly what I was looking for, my budget, and where I wanted to look (Manhattan and Brooklyn). I didn't have time to comb through listings, nor did I really understand all the particulars of buying in NYC. At our first meeting Jack took detailed notes, asked great questions, and made sure he understood the nuance of my family's preferences (including deal breakers + nice to haves vs. need to haves). Then he got to work. Jack sent clear, concise emails + texts with listings he thought would fit the bill and worked with me to refine his search. Because he took such great notes I didn't have to explain anything twice, nor did I waste any time looking at properties that didn't fit the bill. As the search narrowed he was available to answer any question big or small - explaining the difference between a condo and a co-op, why he liked one building, or would steer clear of another - and worked with my hectic schedule. He even managed to charm my mother-in-law (no small feat)! Once we found the right place - and we fell in love with the property on first sight - Jack took control of the negotiation, getting us a fair price well below what we expected to pay for the property. Then, he whipped out his Rolodex connecting us with the respected professionals needed to close the deal: building inspectors, attorneys, executives at major banks to help us secure a mortgage. That's the typical process. But, our case wasn't typical. Jack helped us find this home during the pandemic while my wife was pregnant with our first child. Jack stayed in touch not just about our search, but also about the pregnancy. When we were getting ready to go into contract my wife went into labor. Things didn't go exactly as expected at the hospital and mom needed to stay under close observation. I was able to step back 100% from our real estate responsibilities while Jack kept everyone involved calm and informed. I'm certain this deal would have fallen apart if it were not for Jack's diligence and demeanor. We highly recommend Jack's services finding a new home!"


"I have known Ari for years as I considered selling my apartments a few times before I actually did. He was always great about advising me without ever pressuring me to sell or getting impatient when I decided not to. He was super knowledgeable about the market and incredibly professional. He gave good advice when I did finally did decide to sell and helped me price and list the apartment perfectly so much so that we received multi offers within the first few days. Can’t recommend him and his team enough."

Ryan M. | SELLER

"Christie was extremely kind, patient and helpful! She advocated for us and got us all the terms we asked for. The real estate market in nyc can be daunting but she made it a breeze. So grateful we were able to work with her!"


"Ari and his team were exceedingly helpful navigating a complicated sales process during the COVID market downturn. They regularly proposed sales strategies that allowed us to adapt to market demand and were able to successfully close a sale in a challenging market. Strongly recommend!"

Chris K. | SELLER

"We loved working with Ari. He was patient with us over 18 months as we looked for a townhouse in Brooklyn. I never felt like Ari was pushing me into a transaction. In fact, he advised us to walk away from some transactions. He helped us really understand what we were looking for and what that would cost. Ari will give you straight talk about homes, prices and neighborhoods. He lives in the area, so he has first-hand expertise that compliments any discussion. Ari was a steady hand during negotiations when we finally found "the one," and I still can't believe the value he helped us to get. Everyday I have to pinch myself to see if our new home is real."

Jennifer Z. | BUYER

"I became to know Jack in an open house, and I was impressed by his knowledge and his down-to-earth attitude to his clients. Jack has helped me sell my old one-bed apartment and buy a new two-bed apartment in the city (at the same time!). I enjoyed working with Jack during the long process. Jack has provided me guidance in terms of legal, price negotiation and coordinating with seller/buyer at both sides. It was a good journey and I am proud to call him friend in the end. Wonderful human being and excellent broker!"


"I recently signed a lease at 100 Gold in Brooklyn that was brokered by your colleague Christian Emanuel, and I was so impressed with him that I had to send a quick note. It's no easy feat to move during winter, in the middle of a pandemic, and with a compromised immune system, but Christian's absolute professionalism and care made it possible for me – and with ease. At every stage of this process, he made sure to communicate what was happening and followed up on all my questions and concerns. He followed through with such thoroughness that he even shoot a video for me explaining how to access the storage room and rooftop at my new building. All in all, I'm just saying that good services should be acknowledged. "


"We worked with Ari in 2019/2020 to sell our apartment in Manhattan. We can't speak enough about our experience because it was so wonderful. From our first meeting, we were blown away by his professionalism and his market knowledge. He helped explain the importance of pricing correctly to attract as many potential buyers as possible. This along with his understanding of market dynamics including supply/demand and pricing trends helped us successfully identify a qualified buyer enabling us to sell before the beginning of 2021 when the market changed dramatically for sellers. It's also important to acknowledge the team he has put in place along with his partner that helped it to be a seamless process. We would wholeheartedly recommend Ari to anyone looking to sell their apartment in New York City. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him."

Greg C. | SELLER

"This was our first time buying a property and Jack was an exceptional guide during the whole process. Whilst he worked tirelessly to find us the correct properties, it took 10 months from contract to closing (new dev) and during this time Jack provided an above and beyond level of support."

Jake G. | BUYER

"I had the pleasure of working Jack who was very knowlegable about real estate and made the process very easy and efficient. I am so pleased with his work ethic and he was very personable. I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy. So happy with his help in finding my dream apartment."


"Marc Schaeffer is great. He's engaged and tireless. You'll probably be spending a lot of time with your broker, and Marc is knowledgable, friendly, and a good presence to be around. He showed us something upward of 15 homes, and we never had any issues scheduling. He acts quickly and has useful knowledge both about the homes themselves (technical knowledge, building history, etc.,) and the whole financing/purchasing/etc., side of things. As an added plus, he was wiling and able to haul heavy objects through pouring rain to help us close."


"Warner was instrumental in shepherding the sale of my NYC apartment through the confusion and uncertainty of the Covid-19 lockdown. From listing and marketing to negotiating the deal and going the extra mile to overcome the various logistical obstacles on the road to closing, Warner and his team always exceeded my expectations and made my life easier. On the whole, Warner was a pleasure to work with and I could not recommend him more highly."


"We first found Marc when he was one of the selling agents for an apartment were interested in. Although the apartment was not to our liking, we were very impressed by Marc's professionalism and taking the time to describe all aspects of the market as well as provided a realistic thought process given what we are looking for in our first home. As such, he became our agent and representative for looking at new homes. He's easily reachable and always ensures that things are moving smoothly. He updates us on a daily basis and gave us tools for submitting a successful application to the co-operative in Mid-town East for an apartment which we were interested in buying. Throughout the arduous process, he was professional, patient, proactive and was very honest (which we appreciated!). He worked hard to ensure that we did everything we needed to do so that we got the place that worked for us. Highly recommend!"


"From the day AnnaLiese met you, Jack, she knew you were absolutely the right agent for her and you came through for her beautifully. You have acted in a professional and yet personal way with AnnaLiese that made me feel as though you were acting in the role of a family member in offering her guidance and support in person, as we were unable to be there. We would’ve loved to have been there, but the world is a strange place to be living in at the moment. She was in good hands. We were happy you were there for all of AnnaLiese’s and our questions throughout the tricky process of navigating the New York City real estate market. It has been quite an adventure! We have felt very well taken care of with your knowledgable guidance. I thank you for making this experience, which could have been very stressful, a great one."


"I was referred to Jack Isquith. I just moved to NYC and he helped me and my daughter navigate the world of co-ops and getting into our dream apartment. We couldn't be happier. His expertise and professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market benefited us completely in getting this deal closed. We felt completely taken care of. He was attentive and always checked in with us, even late in the day and on weekends, not to mention he is so kind and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him."


"Ari and his team were extraordinarily professional and responsive; they walked us through every phase of the process. He helped us think strategically about how best to sell our apartment, and he was unfailingly supportive when we needed help navigating various bits of bureaucracy. I would work with Ari again in a heartbeat!"


"Ari and his team helped my husband and I locate a home in a neighborhood that fit our needs, which by no means was easy. We were moving in together, with plans for children, while also wanting a place in a neighborhood that was 'off the beaten track’. He stuck with us for a number of months as we explored all aspects of Brooklyn. He gave us his honest and expert opinion of each neighborhood and the listing we were considering, including his opinion on a fair price. Once we closed in on a home, his negotiation skills with the other side were excellent, but not offensive. Indeed, once, while my husband and I were looking at a property in Carroll Gardens, we mentioned Ari's name to the broker. He stopped, said yes he knows of him and added that Ari is well respected within the industry. (We were not surprised.) When we finally found our dream home (a lovely limestone in Prospect Lefferts Gardens), I used his team to sell my apartment in Brooklyn Heights. My place went into contract easily. The coop board was the last hurdle. Ari's team presented the package to the board in a clear way. I was on the board when I lived there, and knew how frustrating it could be when a package came unbounded, sometimes in a bag. Instead of having to sift through 50+ pages of unbounded documents, the document was bounded and labelled clearly, with a summary page highlighting key points. The board was able to find answers to their questions and came to a decision on the candidate very quickly. All in all, Ari and his team made what is often a difficult, anxiety ridden process that much easier to manage. I'm glad I found them!"


"We met Ari and Ashley in March, 2014 during an open house on Berry Street. They asked us a couple of questions about our plans, needs, and current home, which led us to meet in person at our home where Ari and Ashley (both residents of Williamsburg) shared their background, proved their knowledge of the market, reviewed our home, and presented us with a clear marketing plan on how The Harkov Lewis Team would represent us. From there on, the process was very smooth. Ari knew how to gently push us towards a committed date for an open house and an agreed upon pricing strategy as he sensed how attached I was to our home. In the meantime, Ashley started to actively send us to open houses, which enabled her to understand our needs better and eventually, hone precisely to homes that we really loved and could afford. We had our first and only open house on 4/6/2014, same day offers, a bidding war on 3 all cash offers, and final offer accepted on 4/10/2014. At the same time, we made an offer on a unit on the water that Ari gave us access to before it even went on the market, and our offer was accepted. We signed the contracts and closed on our sale and purchase, all within 3 weeks. If you want a professional team to represent you, understand you, and care about you, I would highly recommend Ari and the Harkov Lewis team. They have earned my biz for life."


"Knowing what the Manhattan rental market is like, my husband and I were dreading securing an apartment for our student son. Not being NYC residents, we had only a few days in which to find an apartment in a low-end price-range and in a limited area, so we decided to ask Jack to help. Jack weeded out the dark basement apts, the non-student-friendly properties and sketchy landlords and showed us the the best options in our price range. He set up the showings (which was more complicated than one would have thought) and took us around. Looking at 1/2 dozen apts. in a day is exhausting, but Jack made it fun. His insights and observations were extremely helpful and having a quality professional gave us clout and credibility with agents and landlords that we would not otherwise have had. He also guided us through the application/guarantor process (which is worse than applying for a mortgage), gave us perspective on what is customary in a lease and what is not and generally eased our anxiety. We left NY with a deposit down on the great little studio and our son loves his apt. and his new neighborhood. He is so happy and excited. Thank you, Jack!"


"My girlfriend and I now consider Louie a friend after going above and beyond to get us into our new apartment. We initially met Louie for a different space but he was flexible and worked magic to pivot with our needs and tastes. We returned for additional viewings at least 5 separate times, including a period where we thought we had moved on and dropped out of communication with Louie. All that while, he kept us at the top of his list, and when we came to our senses, he was there for us. We even misinterpreted the offer terms and Louie still fought for our conditions to be met. There just aren’t enough words or rating stars to adequately represent Louie’s negotiation skills. You won’t find a broker more calm, assuring, or prepared, and I tried about 25 of them. Louie is never shaken, is a complete expert on his buildings, and always finds time to somehow make you feel like you’re his only client of the day. Best real estate experience I’ve had and it’s not even close. I’ll be sending my friends to him when in need. Thank you Louie, we love our new home!"


"I had the pleasure of working with Warner when I was looking to purchase an apartment in Manhattan. Warner was extremely knowledgeable about the various markets in downtown Manhattan. He was also patient and took the time to understand what I particularly wanted in an apartment. When I found the right apartment, Warner was instrumental in helping me secure the contract. Although I had offered the lowest of four offers on the apartment, I learned later that the sellers were so swayed by my statement of interest (drafted entirely by Warner) that they decided to counteroffer only to me. Two years later when I needed to sell my apartment to relocate to the West Coast, there was no question in my mind who my broker would be. I was in a rush to sell, and Warner delivered, completing the sale of my apartment within 3 months of putting it on the market with a final sale price 11% over the purchase price. If you are looking to buy or sell an apartment in Manhattan, I highly recommend Warner's services, without reservation."


"My experience with Warner and his team was nothing short of fantastic. From our first meeting where his professionalism, local knowledge and marketing expertise was displayed to the day of my closing, I felt that I had a true partner in him and his team. I had to quickly move hundreds of miles away and was engrossed in a new job but I felt the process of my home sale was in very good hands. Warner made sure we settled on a fair sale price that was aggressive but also that I was comfortable with and felt would attract quality offers. After some minor staging and some excellent photographs, we had our first open house and I had multiple offers within 72 hours. I ended up accepting an offer that was above asking price and we were under contract by the end of the week. Warner continued to stay in touch and always responded extremely quickly to any email, text or phone call. If you're looking for dedicated professional to partner with you for your real estate needs, don't hesitate to contact Warner Lewis!"


"Ari and his team were extraordinarily professional and responsive; they walked us through every phase of the process. He helped us think strategically about how best to sell our apartment, and he was unfailingly supportive when we needed help navigating various bits of bureaucracy. I would work with Ari again in a heartbeat! "Kathleen F., Seller" Ari is a consummate professional. After having met many brokers, we knew right away when we met Ari that this was the person that we wanted to guide us through our purchase and represent us at the negotiating table. He exudes confidence and for good reason: Ari is young, bright, and extremely knowledgeable. He armed us with the information we needed to make an educated decision, afforded us room to breathe, and was available to us at every point of the way. Best of all, he negotiated a 19% price reduction on our first choice home. We feel exceedingly confident in recommending Ari to anyone."


"We first found Marc when he was one of the selling agents for an apartment were interested in. Although the apartment was not to our liking, we were very impressed by Marc's professionalism and taking the time to describe all aspects of the market as well as provided a realistic thought process given what we are looking for in our first home. As such, he became our agent and representative for looking at new homes. He's easily reachable and always ensures that things are moving smoothly. He updates us on a daily basis and gave us tools for submitting a successful application to the co-operative in Mid-town East for an apartment which we were interested in buying. Throughout the arduous process, he was professional, patient, proactive and was very honest (which we appreciated!). He worked hard to ensure that we did everything we needed to do so that we got the place that worked for us. Highly recommend!"


"Louis helped me find a great apartment in New York city and was a joy to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable about the various neighborhoods in the city and was very discerning about which properties we took the time to view. He was always calm and collected, asked the right questions to all of the brokers we were working with, and provided great guidance in buildings and listings. Louis was always prompt, professional, and communicative, which made me feel extremely at ease throughout the whole process. He was also extremely effective when it came to contract negotiations. Louis was detailed oriented and reviewed the contracts multiple times before sending for signature. Louis did an amazing job lifting a lot of the burden throughout the moving process and made me feel extremely comfortable and confident. I'd highly recommend working with him!"


"Marc was a great agent. We got the perfect spot, in the perfect location, with the perfect price. The process of finding my current home last several months, and Marc was there for every step of the way. Would recommend to anybody! "Robert P., buyer and seller" My husband and I sold our apartment with Ari during a very challenging time. Besides the housing market being in a tough spot, we were also expecting our first child. Ari was a dream to work with during this time. I cannot imagine working with anyone else. He made the process effortless! We trusted Ari's professional advice, which made us feel very comfortable in our decisions, and his attention to detail, follow up, and work ethic were all wonderful. He was never pushy, and in fact he actually was very calming and informative. It would be a pleasure to recommend him to others and to work with him again!"


"We are very pleased with the Harkov Lewis team. They gave us a good analysis of the market and helped us focus our search. They have been very patient while working with us during the search process and were able to advise us during the bidding and co op process. The team has excellent coverage. Ari is our primary broker. Warner gave us excellent coverage and helped us with a bid while Ari had an emergency family situation. They also went beyond their responsibilities to advise us how to negotiate with our landlord to extend our lease and provided us with recommendations for insurance and contractors when we asked for them. In short, they have been a great help in navigating through this home buying process and making this a pleasant experience. We would use the team again and recommend them to our family and friends."


"From start to finish, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Ari, Warner, and the team. Ari treated everyone involved with respect and integrity at all times, making the whole process as smooth and easy as it possibly could be. With knowledge of seemingly every lot and building in the area, Ari was able to make a very clear argument as to how we should value and market the apartment. His very specific recommendations as to what could be done in preparation and how to action them were also immensely helpful and saved a lot of second guessing, and I had an asking price offer within days. I trusted Ari's judgement completely and felt extremely fortunate to be under his care. In fact, the whole team displayed a level of competence and professionalism that is hard to come by and I could not be more enthusiastic in recommending them."


"Working with Warner and his team was an absolute pleasure. After a less-than-stellar experience with another Broker in the neighborhood, we made the decision to switch to Warner and the Harkov-Lewis Team at Halstead. Our only regret was not working with them from Day One. We were instantly impressed with the level of professionalism his entire team put behind every step of the process, from scheduling photos, to open houses, to one-off showings, to negotiations, all the way through to closing. In a challenging time for the Williamsburg market due to the political/economic climate, plus the L Train shutting down, Warner helped us close a deal just shy of asking price, when the other Broker was encouraging us to reduce our ask by $50k+. I highly recommend Warner and his team, there is no one better in the NYC market"


"We have nothing but great things to say about working with the Harkov/Lewis team. From a service, knowledge, and experience standpoint, we felt we were working with the best of the best. You all met if not exceed all expectations we had from the very first "consultation" with Ari at our home to final closing. However, I was not surprised at all to have such a great experience with you all after working with Ari in 2009 when I bought the place. We genuinely felt Ari was working for us, not himself. He wanted us to get as much money as possible from the sale with careful consideration over the quality of the buyer too. His (and Brent's and Michael's) speedy response to e mails and phone calls did not go unnoticed. Moreover, you all were always patient with us no matter how ridiculous or neurotic of a question we had."


"Louis represented me in the leasing of my Clinton Hill, 2 bedroom rental. I've worked with the Harkov Lewis group for years by turns as a buyer, seller and landlord, always impressed by their responsiveness, thoughtfulness, ethical bearing and knowledge of the market. This was my first time working directly with Louis and I was not surprised to find him of a piece of this very professional group. Louis helped me determine the value of the apartment, walking me through the turns in the market since my last tenant began their lease. He talked me through adjustments to the language in the lease, and of course he listed, marketed and showed the space to potential tenants. Throughout he was professional, detail oriented, positive and responsive. I recommend him without reservation."


"Marc was an excellent person to work with. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and efficient, he had a knack for listening to what we wanted and helping us identify the best properties for our needs. He was clear and confident while negotiating and made us feel comfortable in the difficult process. He was also a joy to spend time with, and easy to communicate with. We found him supportive, honest, detail-oriented, very observant when looking around apartments, and great at walking us through the complicated process of home buying. We ended up with our dream home, well within our budget, and feel so grateful he provided such excellent feedback while we were looking. We might never have found the right home without his thoughtful, detailed, smart insight."


"I first met Ari in connection with the purchase of an apartment in New York City. He was very knowledgeable, accommodating and flexible and showed me the apartment several times for taking measurements etc. Subsequently, Ari sold a different property for me in NYC. He was able to negotiate a price above my expectations and he managed the marketing, negotiation and administrative aspects of the transaction in a smooth and efficient way. Working with Ari was a pleasure and a learning experience on the complexities of real estate transactions. I would never think of buying or selling a property without at least consulting with Ari. In summary, he is transparent, knowledgeable, efficient and a great person to work with. Thank you Ari."


"Ari and his team have supported me in two transactions the sale of a co op in NYC in 2015 and the purchase of a Victorian home in the Ditmas Park area in 2019. I highly recommend Ari and his team for any type of transaction, but I particularly leaned on their expertise, negotiation skills, and network of skilled practitioners (lawyers, mortgage brokers, contractors) during our most recent, somewhat complicated transaction. They were super available during many twists and turns, and always ready with calm and reasoned advice during what can be an emotional and stressful process in the best of circumstances. You can't go wrong with Ari. Professional, knowledgeable, supportive, responsive top tier support from a top tier team."


"Ari and Warner act as a true team with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. They are aware and ahead of the market and honest and supportive through the process. On the sale, they were able to leverage their resources to get the maximum amount of visibility for our listing. Even in a challenging environment, we had a signed contract in less than a week at a price that we were happy with. On the purchase, they gave us objective guidance and were sensitive to our timing and needs. We relied on their experience and real estate knowledge to find our new home and simultaneously close two deals in a short timeframe. The process was easy thanks to their efforts and we couldn't be happier with the results."


"Ari Harkov brings to the table a broad set of skills: attention to detail, analytical abilities, a warm and friendly personality, patience, and a genuine willingness to assist his clients at all times. As a demanding customer, I found that Ari promptly responded to my requests at all times throughout the process. Given the current recessionary environment and New York City real estate market, I was looking for a broker who set himself apart from the crowd. Searching for my first co op and unfamiliar with the mechanics of the process, Ari was eager to educate me and promptly responded to all my questions. Working with him led to my closing at a price roughly 20% below where similar units were offered at that time."


"Ari assisted my family with selling our Brooklyn condo. We were relocating across the country and confronted with a soft market. Many homes were taking months to sell. Ari and his team were deeply knowledgeable about the market and presented a brilliant sales strategy based on comprehensive quantitative analysis. This strategy combined with impeccable professionalism and top notch marketing resources delivered astonishing results. The day after our first open house we had offers and ultimately closed quickly above ask. Ari and his team deliver a rare combination of strategic expertise, professionalism and genuine warmth. Thanks to Ari we are enjoying our new lifestyle with ease unburdened by our old home."


"Ari helped us buy our home and lease our family's rental property in Manhattan. Beyond what you would expect of a value added broker in having deep local market knowledge, detailed understanding of your needs and sensitivities, and strong negotiation skills, Ari is your true ally who, if needed, brings an vetted ecosystem of financing, renovation, legal, and insurance contacts. On the buy side, his priorities are straight: try his best to get you what you want and make sure you don't lose money doing it. On the lease side, he tries to find the best risk adjusted tenant. In every instance, Ari is incredibly responsive, patient, and effective. I would strongly recommend him to my family and friends."


"We had a terrific experience with Ari and his team who helped us with the sale of our Brooklyn apartment. Going into the process, we were skeptical of working with NY brokers in general given our past experience in working with brokers who helped us find rental properties. Our experience with Ari and his team could not have been any more different! Throughout the process, Ari was very professional, yet warm; he understood our needs and had a great balance between sharing his opinion without coming across as too pushy. With Ari's help, we got multiple offers on our Brooklyn apartment within days of our first open house and ultimately accepted an offer that was well above our asking price!"


"Ari and his team are the consummate professionals in the real estate broking industry. Ari is the best real estate broker we have ever come across in our fifteen years of renting/buying in NYC and London. He is very responsive (within minutes, even when on vacation!) and has relevant marketing information and comps on properties at his fingertips. Ari did a thorough analysis for us on the local property market in Williamsburg which sold us on working with him. Ari provided Halstead's top services (video tour, etc.) for our listing which, in our opinion, led to healthy interest in our condo and helped to have very short sales cycle (under 1 month to an offer over list price)."


"Ari and Warner have represented me twice in buying a home and once in selling it. I could not recommend them too highly. On the selling side, they did an outstanding work. They priced the apartment right, produced stellar marketing material, negotiated skillfully with buyers and dealt patiently with the demands of a difficult co op board. On the buying side, they negotiated a very fast and profitable deal on both occasions. At all times, they were sensitive to the needs of my family, extremely competent, professional, fun and never pushy. They are by far and away the best agents I have ever dealt with and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else in New York City."


"Warner and his team are absolutely fantastic. Ari, Anne and the rest of the team work seamlessly together and handled every single detail with perfection. From the staging, and pricing strategy to negotiation and logistics, it felt like the whole team was available any time of the day to work through anything with me. I met Warner in 2008 when I needed a broker to help me find a home, now in 2015 he and his team help me sell the same home at a price higher than I could have imagined. In less than a week they helped me select the perfect buyers. I cannot thank this group enough, and will continue to recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home in the area."


"We first met Ari years ago at an open house and immediately liked him. His abundant knowledge of NYC real estate and general professionalism were evident right from the start. We kept an eye on the market, randomly emailing him with questions over the years and he was always happy to help. When we finally decided to buy, he was our first call! As first time home buyers, Ari was able to teach us the ins and outs of buying in Manhattan. We felt confident in negotiations knowing that one of the best in the business was representing us. Now that we are settled in our new home, we would not hesitate to refer Ari to our closest friends and family."

B.G. & S.T. | BUYERS

"Ari Harkov is a rare professional. His market intelligence is unmatched and his approach to our sale was the exact candor my wife and I were looking for. We dealt with several members of the team at Harkov Lewis including Jack and Emily who were both great to work with and made a complicated transaction simple and straightforward. I have no doubt we achieved the sale price we did due to the hard work of the whole team and those efforts would not have been duplicated elsewhere. Not only do I recommend Ari and team to anyone entering a real estate transaction but when it comes time for me to have the need I know who I will work with!"


"Marc Schaeffer is an honest, experience real estate agent who is a pleasure to work with when searching for a new home. He has strong ethics, is honest and has deep knowledge about the NY real estate market. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a home in the NY area. He is a great listener, problem solver and is invested in seeing his clients happy. He pays attention to details and provides all the information you need up front, there are never surprises with Marc. He helped my husband and I find the perfect apartment that had everything we wanted - 2 baths, a backyard, and 2 floors at an affordable price!"


"Simply put, Warner is a pro. His knowledge of an extremely dynamic market is impressive, and was vital in our decision to list our apartment. He was able to devise a strategy that met our needs not only with price, but with closing times to accommodate our eventual move. Everything played out exactly how he predicted, and he was able to secure a deal in a timely fashion. Overall, Warner guided us through each part of the process with sound advice and kept us calm. If you are looking for someone to be a real advocate for you, and make the whole process as headache free as possible, this is your guy!"


"Marc is amazing and helped my fiancé and I buy our first home in NYC. When we weren’t really sure what we wanted, he helped us narrow down our must haves and then quickly found us matches to look at. He scheduled full days of visits and after each day checked in to continue to help narrow the search. He was knowledgeable of the process, responsive throughout, and helped us every step of the way. He knew what questions to ask when we were getting close to putting an offer and throughout the entire process up to our final walkthrough. I would highly recommend Marc, we are so happy with our new place!"


"I was relieved to have a colleague refer me to Ari after two deals fell through. Ari brought a strong point of view on the market due to his deep knowledge of the dynamics and advised us on how to aggressively pursue a property that met all of our requirements. When Ari set our expectations on what the market was demanding and what the deal would require, we were able to close with ease. Strong client skills are rare to find and Ari is very good at setting expectations and guiding you through the rough spots. We are so grateful we found someone as grounded, strategic and intelligent as Ari is."

S.M. & G.K. | BUYERS

"There's nothing more important than partnering with a first in class real estate professional and organization to sell an apartment in this challenging environment. From the moment I met Ari, I knew he was going to be the perfect person to help me market my apartment to success. Ari has a keen understanding of the Williamsburg market and brought thoughtful insight to pricing and marketing strategies that paid off resulting in not just one, but several offers in less than one month's time. I highly recommend Ari to bring added value to any real estate listing in the New York City area."


"While shopping for an apartment in the city, we met Ari when he represented sellers at one of the places we came to see. We immediately liked his measured, gentlemanly style, a generous sharing of information, and a total lack of pushiness. We asked Ari to become our buying broker, which he remained during a year long search, to a recent successful purchase. By the way, we were accompanied to one of the showings by his business partner, Warner Lewis, with whom we also felt very comfortable. Thank you Ari, and please visit us at our new apartment once we settle in."


"Annie is dedicated to finding her clients a place they want to live rather than just closing a transaction. She works extremely hard to figure out what someone is focused on in their home search and then matches this up with what is available. Her enthusiasm energized the process of seeing open houses, while her intuitive knowledge of New York and its neighborhoods provided valuable insights on every location we looked at. Annie was always available to catch up and provided her candid advice which was extremely helpful and very straightforward."


"Ari is a true professional. After dealing with numerous other brokers, working with Ari was a refreshing experience. As first time buyers, we were extremely cautious. Ari was not only knowledgeable, but more importantly, he was patient and a straight shooter. He helped guide us through the process, providing valuable insight into the highly challenging Manhattan real estate market, which ultimately led us to closing on our new home. We could not have asked for a better experience and look forward to working with Ari again in the future."


"Ari is an impressive broker. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate and is a shrewd negotiator. We used Ari to sell our home and we would recommend him to anyone who we know because he is smart, strategic, reliable, honest and very professional. We also used him when we were looking to buy a new home and I can tell you that he always puts his client’s interests first and foremost even if it means sacrificing a potential purchase because he didn’t think it was the best price or best option for us given our needs."


"After dealing with several frustrating brokers, we lucked out and met Ari. We were looking for something very particular, and Ari understood our needs right away. Being first time homebuyers, we had a lot of questions and concerns, and it was a relief to have someone with knowledge and experience on our side to guide us along. When our perfect home came on the market, he led us through the entire process step by step. Ari is incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with. We would recommend him to anyone without a second thought."


"Ari and his team are a first class organization. Their collective experience, real estate market knowledge and guidance throughout the process made the purchase process very smooth. Start to finish Ari and his team provided excellent guidance and advice while their level of communication was impeccable. I would not hesitate to recommend Ari to anyone involved in a real estate transaction and would certainly use Ari for my next transaction. I would be pleased to serve as a reference for anyone considering his services."


"I was referred to Jack Isquith. I just moved to NYC and he helped me and my daughter navigate the world of co-ops and getting into our dream apartment. We couldn't be happier. His expertise and professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market benefited us completely in getting this deal closed. We felt completely taken care of. He was attentive and always checked in with us, even late in the day and on weekends, not to mention he is so kind and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him."


"Deciding to sell my first apartment was a difficult and stressful situation. Warner was extremely helpful and supportive. He was very receptive to my concerns and was always flexible and considerate of my schedule. Most of all, Warner is so honest and hardworking. He kept me very informed with constant updates and offered invaluable advice. He listened to my needs, and got me a great deal for my apartment in a short period of time. I highly recommend him and will use him again when the time comes."


"Ari is not your typical real estate broker with whom you feel you have to second guess everything they say. He's smart, practical, and very knowledgeable on the New York market and Williamsburg in particular, where he not only works, but also resides. He is extremely responsive and no question is too crazy. Ari was a great guide to the long and complex journey to a successful closing, and helped us generate multiple bidders on our sale, as well as negotiate down our purchase price with ease."


"Warner Lewis is a consummate professional in his field. From the moment he was engaged in the sale of our property, it was clear he was wholly invested in doing everything he could to get the best possible result. The result was not just the sale of the townhouse but the entire process leading up to it in which he was available, comforting with his knowledge and fully responsive at all times. We would recommend Warner without hesitation and are thoroughly relieved we worked with him."


"While I like to think I am pretty good at handling stressful situations nothing quite prepared me for purchasing my first home. Warner was an invaluable asset in navigating both the emotional and financial waters that go into home ownership. Throughout the process he was truly there every step of the way to make sure that I was knowledgeable and comfortable with every decision being made. What started off as a working relationship has now turned into a life long friendship."


"My wife and I had the pleasure of being represented by the Harkov Lewis Team over the course of 5 years. Through countless open houses, several bids, two false starts and finally one closing, Warner and Ari provided the guidance and market knowledge needed to navigate complex markets during the highest highs and the lowest lows. The team’s professionalism and integrity are bar none, and we would recommend them without reservations to real estate rookies and veterans alike."

R.C. & A.C. | BUYERS

"Ari represented us on both the sell and buy side and we couldn't recommend him more highly. He was always ready with exhaustive information and sound analysis when we asked for it and yet gave us plenty of space to make our own decisions. Ari is a very smart, sober negotiator and helped us navigate all the tricky timing issues of buy, sell and renovation to move in dates smoothly. Ultimately, he made what can be a very harrowing process pain free, and we daresay even fun."


"Being a first time buyer, I was quite nervous and clueless going into the NY housing market. It can be intimidating, to say the least. Marc was great to work with, super patient, knowledgeable, and calm. I really felt like he was looking out for my best interests, and making realistic recommendations on what he thought would work for my needs and my budget. In the end, it worked out for the best. Marc helped me find the condo I'm currently (loving!) living in!"


"Jack really listened to me and beyond that he "got" what I was going for. He is personable and very knowledgeable. He’s not the type of agent who tries to talk you into anything but rather he facilitated my processing so that by the end of the day I really knew what kind of apartment and even what kind of neighborhood would best suit me. Looking for apartments can be so very stressful. He is a delight to schlep with (on one of the hottest days of the summer!)"


"We were introduced to Ari by our trusted financial adviser and hit it off immediately. Despite his considerable experience, Ari seems to bring fresh energy to each project. Ari helped us orchestrate both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our existing one, all within our time frame and expectations. Most importantly, whenever we'd start to feel overwhelmed, we could count on Ari to come to the rescue (and let us get on with our lives!)."


"We recently rented an apartment in the Oosten building in South Williamsburg through Louis, and found him to be both very professional and very personable. Louis was super quick to respond to any questions, and helped steer us through the entire process (being recent British immigrants and new to the NY renting scene). I would highly recommend Louis and also wouldbe very quick to call upon his services again in the future!"


"Ari and his team are exceptional. Before him, we had problems selling my small West Village apartment. He understood the neighborhood, found the perfect buyer, and made the process seamless. This year, he helped us purchase in Tribeca much larger price point and different neighborhood and it was just as efficient and pleasurable an experience. He and his team are flexible, responsive, intuitive, and provide sound counsel."


"Ari is an expert real estate broker with mastery of the transaction process and a nose for identifying opportunity and value in a highly competitive market. Ari was patient and empathetic to my needs as a first time buyer. With Ari comes a full team of highly skilled and diligent individuals. Ari and his team made what might have been a difficult process rather easy and I plan to work with Ari again in the future."


"Working with Ari and the entire Harkov Lewis team was an unexpected joy. The sale of my UES coop was as smooth as it could get without any pressure but plenty of professionalism, expert marketing both online and in glossy brochures, and with Ari always offering great advice every step of the way. I would recommend him and team to anyone and everyone interested in either buying or selling a home."


"I loved working with Kerrie as my agent! She was incredibly knowledgable about all neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn, had a great sense of what I was looking for within my budget and was timely and helpful answering any and all questions I had as a first time buyer. I would wholeheartedly recommend her, and already have shared her information with family and friends starting the process."


"We couldn't have asked for a better experience selling our condo. Ari's expert guidance helped us time and price our listing optimally, quickly strategize to adapt to shifts in the market, and navigate negotiations with multiple offers. Ari and his team arranged everything from painting and staging the apartment all the way through a seamless closing. We'd definitely work with him again."


"Thanks for the very nice care package! It’s yet another small sign of the attention to detail and relationship building that makes you a top broker. I wish you all the success in your future, and feel strongly that you and your team did a great job in executing in a tough market! If you ever decide to do something on your own and need to raise capital keep me in mind. I’m a big fan."


"I worked with Louie for the past 2 months. He rented our apartment at the Edge. Louie is professional diligent and always available. Louie made sure there was coverage during vacation and holiday time and responded to all inquiries while away. I would highly recommend Louie to anyone looking to rent or buy in the NYC area. I will surely use his services in the future."


"Ari and his team were so on the ball from start to finish. They were experts on neighborhoods and priced our apartment perfectly. They were a pleasure to work with and when there were critical decision points they were extremely helpful and patient in the negotiations. We will definitely work with them again for our next real estate venture and highly recommend Ari!"


"We worked with Louis when we applied for a rental unit in the West Village area. He was fantastic, incredibly communicative and knowledgeable in the process. Everything went without a hitch, we went from applying for the unit to approval to signing all within three days. Would highly recommend working with Louis and hope to do so again in the future!"


"Ari is a consummate professional. He approaches his work with great attention to detail and an impressive level of integrity. We wish all real estate agents would conduct their business like him. We have been through several transactions with Ari, and were thankful to have him smoothly guide the process through to a happy resolution at the end."


"I just closed on my Upper Eastside studio that i purchased with Jack. From the get go, Jack was an outstanding agent to work with. He grew up in Manhattan and working in real estate he really knows the market and neighborhoods of NYC. If you are looking for an agent who takes a consultative approach to buying and selling then Jack is your man."


"After interviewing several agents, Warner Lewis was the obvious pick for selling my property. He was extremely knowledgeable, honest, and straightforward. Being very easy to communicate with, he guided me in making difficult decisions regarding the listing price and final negotiations. I couldn't be happier that I trusted Warner with my sale."


"We’ve now worked with Louis and his team at Harkov on several sales and rentals after some disappointing experiences with other brokers. We always highly recommend them to our friends and they are always happy as well. Louis is honest, diligent and communicative, qualities the other parties in our deals were also impressed with."


"I would highly recommend Ari as well as his entire team for anyone who is looking for a broker. He is nothing but perfect the best one should expect! Very professional, knowledgeable, always attentive, patient, and will always provide the client with the best service and help. He will get you the best value for your property."


"I cannot recommend Ari and his team highly enough Ari is very professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. He was very patient to answer all our questions and guided us throughout the process. My wife and I are very impressed with his level of service and have no reservations recommending him to others."


"Marc is a fantastic broker who has the care, knowledge and patience to find the perfect home for you. He went above and beyond to listen to my specific needs, resulting in finding the perfect apartment. I couldn't be happier with my new home. And he had the utmost patience supporting us through the buying process."


"It was a delight working with Louis! He is an exceptional communicator. He was always quick to follow up and make himself available to us. He was also very patient and accommodating with all of our questions and special requests. It was truly a pleasure working with someone who is both so competent and kind."


"Worked with Ari and his team recently and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very honest in their recommendations not a typical, "yes man" type of operation. They provided valuable feedback and direction at all levels of the sale of my apartment."


"Ari is a trustworthy advisor and really goes above and beyond to try to find the best fit for his clients. We have used the Harkov Lewis team on two purchases and one sale, so that's basically all you need to know! We count Ari as a friend, and his team is very responsive and great as well."


"Ari was able to list and sell our apartment in a matter of weeks and was most professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. The sale was quick and seamless without any bumps in the road. I would definitely recommend him and his team, especially for the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area."


"Ari and his team did an amazing job with the sale of our apartment. He personally guided us through the selling process and was attentive to all our needs. His team was always available to answer any questions no matter how minor they were. Absolute professionals, would highly recommend!"


"Louis was such a pleasure to work with. He was representing the building we moved into and we didn’t have an agent of our own. He was so responsive and helpful throughout the process of selecting the apartment and working through the approval process. Would highly recommend him!"


"Louie was a pleasure to work with! He is very knowledgeable about the market and an effective communicator. I was looking to move on a very tight time-frame and truly believe that I wouldn't have gotten the apartment without his responsiveness and diligent work to get it done."


"Annie helped of through every step of selling our apartment. She understood the complexities of our property, was honest and patient throughout the experience and got the best price possible. She was great to work with and we feel lucky to have had Ann Yanovsky as our realtor."


"Warner, I was just reading a few articles about Brooklyn real estate and was thinking how much I owe you for helping me to buy this place and telling me to put in a bid over asking price. Had I not done that, I would still be renting. So thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"Louie is professional, polite and a pleasure to work with. Not only does he keep his clients on both sides in the loop at all times, but there is also no fluff, and he is very direct. If I had the opportunity to work with Louie again, I wouldn't hesitate for a second."


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